Mobile Windshield Repair

We offer mobile service in the event that you can’t come to our location of business. All of our mobile technicians come with 20-plus years of experience and are highly qualified for the work they do. If you have comprehensive insurance in Florida, we will replace your windshield for free.

Our mobile technicians can go just about anywhere, from Brandon, FL, to North Port, FL. Our vans are always quick to arrive.


Even though it might seem like the chip in your front windshield doesn’t matter much, the smallest imperfection has the power to impair your ability to drive safely. Rock chips and other damage can turn into bigger problems and eventually obstruct your clear view of the road. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you come to Lloyd’s Of Shelton Auto Glass and have your windshield treated quickly before your safety is affected.

Our mobile windshield repair services are the perfect way to get your vehicle’s windshield fixed at your Sarasota, FL, home or business. We’ll help to prevent the chance of any problems developing, and we can often prevent any need for you to get your windshield replaced. Usually, our team can do any mobile windshield repair right then and there.


Lloyd’s Of Shelton Auto Glass is prepared with the necessary knowledge and experience to give you a quick, yet quality chip repair. Our professionals use advanced methods to fill in the chipped or cracked area to act as a patch for your damaged glass. The process takes relatively little time and will get you quickly back into a safer car.

Besides having a quick fix, Lloyd’s Of Shelton Auto Glass always uses the best tools and supplies. We only use quality parts and materials to do your windshield repair. We’ll also give you the reassurance of a warranty, just in case. We have many repeat customers, so you know that we’re a reliable shop and mobile windshield repair service provider that you can trust to give you reliable glass repair each and every time you come in.


If you’re worried about filing a claim for your vehicle glass damage, Lloyd’s Of Shelton Auto Glass has qualified experts who will work with the insurance companies for you. Call us now to get the service and quality you need to repair or replace your auto glass.

f you have comprehensive insurance in Florida, then Lloyd’s Of Shelton Auto Glass can repair your windshield for free. You may have the state minimums or no insurance. In that case, we’ll give you a competitive cash price for the service. We’ll work with you to do a claim, then we’ll order the glass you need and get you scheduled as fast as we can. Our service is a preferred provider in Sarasota, FL.


When your automobile has experienced rock chip damage, don’t hesitate to have it fixed as the damage may become worse. Protect yourself and those you love by calling Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass today. You’ll be greeted by friendly faces who are happy to help and want to keep you safe on the road. Give us a call today for a free estimate to get started.

We’ll give you small-town personality with the service of a big business with lots of resources. Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass will work to ensure that this potentially stressful situation is hassle-free and as painless as possible for you. Our team will treat you like family so that you’ll know you can trust us to give you the best possible service. Call us at 813-315-8846 for our mobile service.