How many years of experience does Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass have in the auto glass industry?

Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass has been providing auto glass services for more than 30 years. Our technicians are trained on the latest techniques and auto glass repair equipment.

What is the current coverage area for Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass?

Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass currently offers auto glass service in all counties of Southwest and most of Central Florida. Please contact us to confirm that service is provided in your area.

What is Safe Drive-Away Time (SDAT)?

SDAT pertains to the amount of time required for your vehicle to remain out of service until your windshield (or other auto glass) can operate properly as a safety device post installation. Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass respects this industry safety standard and adheres to the auto glass adhesive manufacturer’s SDAT calculations, meeting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FMVSS requirements and ensuring your safety.

How long will it take to complete a windshield repair or windshield replacement?

Windshield repairs can often be performed under 30 minutes. Most windshield replacements are completed at around 60 minutes. Our Lloyd’s of Shelton ProTech™ will then inform you of your Safe Drive-Away Time (SDAT), which is typically one hour after your completed installation. Lloyd’s of Shelton’s commitment to quality is to assure that no shortcuts are taken during your installation. Should your vehicle require extra time for completion of a safe installation, our Lloyd’s of Shelton ProTech™ will take the extra necessary time and inform you of your Safe Drive-Away Time (SDAT).

How important are adhesives, bonding systems, and accessories like cleaners and primers to my new windshield installation?

All aspects of the installation of a new windshield are extremely important to ensure you and the ones around you are safe on the road in the case of an accident. This is an area which is widely overlooked by consumers and, believe it or not, installers in general. Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass has “Zero Tolerance” to shortcuts commonly taken by other installers in the industry and can assure you all steps are properly taken to guarantee you with the safest installation by Lloyd’s of Shelton’s ProTechs™. First, appropriate cleaners are always used by Lloyd’s of Shelton to improve windshield and glass installation by preparing all surfaces for a clean install. Then, primers are always used by Lloyd’s of Shelton in every install to promote adhesion of windshield to your vehicle’s body and inhibit rust in small nicks and scratches. Finally, a glass bonding Urethane Adhesive that meets OEM durability specifications and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for barrier, rollover and roof crush regulations is always used by Lloyd’s of Shelton.

What is the quality of automotive glass used by Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass on my vehicle?

Lloyd’s of Shelton will only install top quality glass in every vehicle – we take pride in treating every vehicle as if it were our own. For this reason, we utilize Pilkington and PGW glass. These are Original Equipment Manufacturers. Pilkington is widely recognized as a technological leader in the development of glazing systems for vehicles. Around 1 in 3 of the world’s cars carry Pilkington glass. The Group has automotive operations in all major markets and is increasingly moving into emerging markets in support of Original Equipment customers.

What are the differences in the automotive glass produced by different manufacturers?

There are major and, at times, very noticeable differences in the automotive glass produced by different manufacturers. They utilize a variety of processes and quality assurance procedures to fabricate their products, which lead to very distinct characteristics from one to the next. While a low quality windshield may fit your vehicle, some will cause one or more issues listed below: Uneven curvatures to the glass may cause optical distortion causing driver’s eyestrain (headaches) and poor visibility. A poorly manufactured windshield may deter your windshield wipers from evenly wiping rainfall from your windshield due to an uneven surface. Manufacturers of low quality windshields may differ in the accuracy of overall windshield size, leaving little room for proper placement of your vehicle’s moldings. Noise from outside your vehicle may be noticeably louder when a lower quality windshield is installed on your vehicle. Lower grade windshields allow for excessive heat to enter your vehicle, providing for much higher temperatures inside your vehicle throughout the day – up to 40% more heat. Fortunately, you may expect that only the highest quality glass will be used on your vehicle with Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass as your preferred installer.

Is there only one choice of automotive glass that fits my vehicle?

No. There are several dozen manufacturers of automotive glass in the industry and the quality varies from one company to another. Lloyd’s of Shelton’s emphasis on QUALITY assures we will only use the highest quality glass on your vehicle.

Are scratches in my windshield dangerous and what can I do about them?

The safety of yourself and those around you depends greatly on a clear field of view while driving any vehicle. Many vehicles we inspect have an unsafe amount of scratches accumulated over time from small particles of dirt making impressions against the glass by the windshield wipers. Windshield wiper scratches can attract excessive amounts of dirt to your windshield, promote glare, decrease your wipers’ ability to clear the rainfall from your view, and impair your overall visibility, creating unnecessary dangers to you and the ones around you.

Here are a couple of ways to prevent windshield scratches from accumulating: You may maintain and extend the life of your windshield wiper blades by regularly cleaning them. We suggest using alcohol pads (or rubbing alcohol and paper towels), to clean and condition the rubber of your blades, and remove all dirt and particles.

Never operate your windshield wipers on a dry windshield. Should the blades of your windshield wipers begin to crack or deteriorate, replace them immediately to prevent damage from occurring.

We do not recommend the attempt of removing a deep scratch within a concentrated area. This can cause the windshield surface to distort and become uneven, which may lead to other problems such as optical distortion causing driver’s eyestrain and poor visibility.

Does Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass guarantee its work?

Yes, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all auto glass we install, covering all products and workmanship including, but not limited to, visual distortion, leaks, and stress cracks.

How are payments handled and what forms of payment are accepted?

In the State of Florida, due to Florida Law (FL Statute 627.7288), you will never be billed for windshield repairs or windshield replacement work done so long as you have comprehensive insurance coverage on your vehicle, regardless of the deductible amount. Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass works will all insurance companies by handling your claims process; saving your time by avoiding long waits on phone calls or unnecessary paperwork. If you do not have comprehensive insurance in place at the time the damage occurred, Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass gladly accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

Does Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass provide a mobile service?

Yes, we make it convenient for you to get your vehicle serviced by coming to you while at a worksite or office, at home, or another convenient location.

What are your hours of service?

Appointment times are available from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Our phone lines are open 24/7.

How do I determine whether my windshield should be replaced or repaired?

Depending on the size and location of the damage to your windshield, you may consider repairing it, rather than having a full windshield replacement. Although some damage may be difficult to repair and lead to further damage, or even become cracked, some damage may be repaired to a satisfactory end result.

Please note that a broken windshield is always broken even after a successful repair and that its overall performance during a crash can be unpredictable. If you are in doubt over the repair integrity of a broken windshield, it is safer to have it replaced.

Also, many auto glass manufacturers recommend that a repair should never be performed in the acute area of the windshield. This is the general area directly in front of the driver.

Your safety is our priority. Therefore, if you question whether a repair was performed properly or not, please contact us and let one of our Renew ProTechs™ verify the safety of your vehicle free of charge.

If my windshield is damaged, should I have it repaired or replaced right away?

There are many very important safety reasons to consider when contemplating whether a damaged windshield should be replaced immediately or not:

Delaying the replacement of a damaged windshield will not only impair the driver’s visibility, but it can also affect the overall integrity of the vehicle. The car’s structural integrity and design performance in the event of a crash depends on the strength of the windshield.

When your passenger airbag deploys it strikes the windshield at approximately 200 MPH before its initial contact with the passenger. A cracked windshield may not support the impact of the airbag, therefore failing to deploy properly and putting you at risk to unnecessary injuries. Your windshield plays an important role to supporting the roof of your vehicle. With a cracked windshield you are at higher risk of the weight of your car collapsing on the seating area in case of an accident. Windshield wiper scratches can attract excessive amounts of dirt to your windshield, promote glare (especially at night), decrease your wipers’ ability to clear rainfall from your view, and impair your overall visibility. Overall, the safety of you and your passengers’ lives are worth much more than the cost (if any to you) and time of replacing a broken windshield.